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M.A.D. Developing Agricultural Projects

M.A.D. is a global provider of engineering, technology, construction and operation services for creation of advanced (integrated) agro industrial projects, with specific expertise in poultry meat production. The Company offers integrated project services such as feasibility & conceptual studies, engineering & detailed design, procurement & contracting, construction & project management, operation, support and training.

M.A.D. builds poultry integration projects including broilers, turkeys, breeding stock and table eggs production in various configurations and production volumes.


About us

An Israeli-based company with over thirty years experience in the field of poultry production and establishment of new and sophisticated agro industrial operations, M.A.D. has applied its expertise to create thriving operations in Western and Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia.

M.A.D. is committed to deliver innovative approach for project development and delivers creative solutions to sophisticated challenging project environments and customizes them to clients' unique requirements.

M.A.D. specializes in design, construction and operation of industrial poultry integration projects including turkeys, broilers, breeding stock and table eggs production in various configurations and production volumes. The Company focuses on financial consulting, technology and engineering design, project implementation and support client’s production process including knowledge transfer and training.

M.A.D.'s experience in building modern poultry enterprise has a track record in applying an effective disease control, adequate nutrition, better husbandry and efficient operation processes. The production and financial performance of our integration projects is a proof that M.A.D’s state of the art design and expertise are build to work.

M.A.D.'s commitment to customer satisfaction endures beyond the design and
construction of solutions. We remain your partner following the initial operation, providing technical and operational support as required.

M.A.Ds professional team consists of service-oriented consultants, engineers, designers, and supervisors personnel with extensive experience in the design and construction of contemporary projects.


Commitment to Quality and Excellence

M.A.D's quality policy is to provide products and services that consistently meet or exceed the expectations of our clients. We will manage and continually improve our business processes to meet our quality objectives.

M.A.D. operates according to the highest international standards: environmental, health, security and quality standards. We are committed to quality and excellence and operate a Quality Management System for project design, construction, and operation which complies with the requirements of ISO-9001.


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