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President of Bashkortostan Murtaza Rakhimov has examined the construction of the Poultry Complex named after Mazhita Gafuri

The President of Republic of Bashkortostan Murtaza Rakhimov has visited Bashkir Poultry Complex for the production of turkey meat in Meleuzovsky district and examined construction works at the poultry farms.
Specialists of the largest in the Republic Poultry Complex have showed to the head of the region site under construction, designated for reception and unloading of trucks of raw materials for feed production.
The head of the region also inspected construction of the second stage of the plant. A new building is designed for growing of 6,270 turkeys. Builders plan to finish an object by mid-summer. During the visit, the prospects of additional Poultry Complex construction in Kugarchinskom area have also been discussed.
The President was interested in ration of birds feeding. The Complex currently completing construction of its own feed mill, which will ensure needs of the poultry farms in nutritionally balanced feed mix elements. It is built on the site of standing empty premise of elevator. In the month there will be produced up to 900 thousand tons of bird feed. New plant equipment can produce food not only for poultry but also for other branches of animal husbandry of the Republic. In other words, there will be possible to produce the whole range of animal feed, even produce feed mixtures for fish farming. Putting feed plant into operation is planned for the first quarter of this year.
Completion of these objects construction will enable Bashkir Poultry Complex named after Mazhita Gafuri to close technological chain of production and reach its full capacity. And this is 16.5 thousand tons of turkey meat per year. Poultry producers are confident that these results can be achieved by 2011.
Currently Complex contains 98 thousand birds and produces 18 kinds of semi-finished products and 25 kinds of sausage and delicates. Only in January this year the plant have produced poultry meat in the amount of 33,6 million rubles.



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