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A poultry coumplex for growing and processing poultry meat will be put into operation by group of “Eurodon” companies

 Group of “Eurodon” Companies is planning to construct an industrial complex for turkey growing in Stavropolie.

As per Mr. Manakov Alexander, Regional Minister of Agriculture: Preliminary cost of projects amounts to 17,9 milliard rubles.
Project is planned to be established in Andropovskiy district, Stavropol region. Estimated total project capacity of the complex 180 thousand ton of meat in live weight.

Complex consists of hatchery in capacity of 1 million eggs per annum, 160 poultry houses buildings, feed mill in capacity of 150 thousand ton per annum, plant for wood shaving production, meat processing plant in capacity of 60 thousand ton per annum, natural nutrition plant in capacity of 80 thousand ton per annum, transport garage and warehouses, offices and laboratories.

Project realization will allow creating 2.5 thousand working places.

“Eurodon” Company has been established at 2003. As for today it is large scale Agro-Industrial Holding leading in local market for turkey meat production and processing. Its production with Companies’ brand “Indolina” takes up 40% of the Russian market.

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