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Murat Tagaev: We will be the first. In Ordabasy cope with newest technologies

 Complex for growing and processing turkey meat will appear in Ordabasynskiy area by the end of this year. This is the first enterprise in the country for industrial production of turkey meat and its processed products.
Construction of turkey farm is managed by LLP “Kaynar-cous” for many years engaged in growing and processing of broilers. Poultry farm has collaborated with the Israeli company, purchasing meat of cross-oriented growth in chickens in climatic conditions are similar to ours.
The first experience of cooperation has been very successful. So when choosing a partner for a new project stopped at the company M. A. D. Project was started by own forces and means, hoping to realize our plans during few years, dividing the project into several stages.
The adoption of the state's industrial and innovation program has helped to speed up construction of the complex. The company won the tender, announced in last year KazAgro. The complex has been included in the map of industrialization. Additional funding will help build a plant in a short time and immediately reach full project capacity. It is assumed that by the end of this year, it will work. Knowing the business acumen and expertise Tagaeva Murat, head of the LLP “Kaynar-cous”, I have no doubt that it will be so.
Total project cost - 3,295 million tenge. The complex consists of seven separate sites, each of which has its own infrastructure. This approach, when, for example, slaughterhouse located from poultry at a distance of eight kilometers, insures epizootic protection. Incubator is removed for three miles from growing zones, and this is also due to veterinary requirements. This production lay out allows to avoid contact of workers and prevent the spread of infections.
- It's the most modern technology, built on the application of the most advanced developments in growing and processing of poultry meat - says Edward Shaulov, representative of the Israeli company M. A. D. - The equipment has already been received, the installation begins. This is a very quick process, taking into consideration that all the premises are constructed with special sandwich-panels. Our company consults and advice permanently at all stages, providing support for the project until the release of its design capacity.
Equipment is installed for maximally capacity of the poultry farm. At facilities operating for nearly two and a half hundreds of local residents. LLP “Kaynar-kus" yasn’t approached special construction companies, being both a customer and general contractor. This allows you to save money in construction, and to provide local residents with working places. Construction is carried out in parallel on all seven sites. Infrastructures are already completed, as well as platforms for mounting the production buildings. After putting complex into operation the main emphasis is on local manpower. Four villages are situated in the locations of objects, whose residents will receive priority right to employment.
Personnel training are also included in the liabilities of the partner company. Main experts will arrive to Israel in April 2010. Veterinarians, livestock specialists, marketers will study the experience directly in Israeli plants.
- The program “Nurly kosh" 200 hectares of land situated nearby to the poultry farm are designated for repatriates, - says Murat Tagayev, head of the LLP “Kaynar-kus". A new village for the returnees will be constructed and they will grow food for turkeys in this land. Cereals, corn, soy, we will purchase for processing at our plant for animal feeds production.
Complex requires annually up to 14 tons of concentrated feed. Purchase will become primarily at local residents, providing guaranteed sales of the crop for smallholder farmers.
Products of the company will meet world standards and it could be exported. But to start here are aiming to satisfy the domestic market, because turkey meat is not produced yet in Kazakhstan on a commercial scale. At the new complex, in addition to cutting carcasses, will be produced rolls, sausage and canned goods.
Recoupment of such projects is two to five years depending on local conditions. Over the past few years in Russia the company M. A. D. has implemented two projects - in Shakhty and near Ufa, which are operating successfully.
In the near future turkey meat will become a traditional dish on the table in Kazakhstan.

Lubov Dobrota
South Kazakhstan region

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