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President have visited a Poultry Complex for turkey meat production

 President have visited a Poultry Complex for turkey meat production
Poultry Complex for turkey meat growing, slaughtering and processing, established in compliance with advanced technologies had became a first object visited by President of Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbaev during his business visit in South Kazakhstan Region.

Presentation of new Poultry Complex took place at the end of December 2010 immediately after first chicken’s hatching, during President Television Space Bridge, dedicated to Government Program of industrial development
In accordance to Mr. Tagaev Murat, Manager of Poultry Complex, located at Badam Village, Ordabasinskiy district, it was financed by JSC “KazAgroFinance” in the frame of investment projects implementation in afro-industrial complex on the basis of leasing operations. Mr. Tagaev has clarified that total Complex cost amounts to 3 billion 802 million Tenge from among 3 billions 90 millions Tenge are financed by JSC “KazAgroFinance”.
At the first stage new Poultry Complex manufacturing capacity amounts to about 5 thousands ton of turkey meat per annum. In compliance with JSC “KazAgroFinance” estimation at the stage of full manufacturing capacity reaching, payments to budget will amount to 232,3 million Tenge. Mr Tagaev says that in addition “Putting Poultry Complex into operation will provide decision for several social assignments of the region. As for today 270 work places have been created. With enlargement of production volumes additional 230 work places will be created”. Mr. Tagaev has also notified that due to Poultry Complex natural gas is supplied also to inhabitants of nearby Uyalizhar and Yentimak villages.
In addition to construction and assemble works a new advanced equipment produced by leading world manufacturers from Belgium, USA, Slovenia, Israel, Russia and China has been purchased at account of financial assets assigned by JSC “KazAgroFinance”. Israeli Company М.А.D. Developing Agricultural Projects (2003) LTD. is acting as main supplier and coordinator of technological process in the Project.
Manager have emphasized that “Poultry Complex complies all international requirements and standards for turkey industrial maintenance, growing and producing. Manufactured production will accord to ecologically pure product and Halal requirements.
Since year 2000 JSC “KazAgroFinance” has generally invested in South-Kazakhstan region approximately to 10 billion Tenge. Purchase of 483 technical units by local farms for total sum of 1 billion 944 million Tenge have also been financed.


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