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The company, unique in Ukraine yet

In August of this year's agro-industrial company "Dokuchaevskiy Chernozemi" plans to start at Karlovskiy district of Poltava region, the construction of a powerful poultry integration for turkey growing and production of quality meat. The project is implemented jointly with the Israeli company "M. A. D. Corporation », which is an influential and well-known player in the global agricultural market and, in fact - the developer of building project the complex. We are talking about the company, unique in Ukraine yet.
Capacity of the future integration - 15 000 tons of turkey meat per year, at an estimated cost of the first stage of the investment project - 600 million hryvnia.
At the poultry integration will be implemented modern poultry growing technologies that have not been used in our state.
On Tuesday, the future investment project is presented in Poltava Hotel "Palazzo". Presentation was attended by representatives of the seven largest banks, designers, construction companies, who will be involved in this project.

Mr. Andrey Sokol, Chairman of the Board of founders of " Dokuchaevskiy Chernozemi,", commented, today "dokuchaevtsy" processing almost 32 000 hectares of land.
The company operates in four regions of the two areas - Poltava and Kharkov. The main processing - almost 25 000 hectares of land - located at Karlovskiy district. Last year, the company collected 150,000 tons of early grain and corn, nearly 20,000 tons of sunflower seed, 5000 tons of soybeans.
In 2009, put into operation a modern elevator capacity of 90 thousand tons in 2011 - a modern pig breeding. This year will be put into operation mother complex in capacity of 1.000 heads and fatter in capacity of 10 thousand heads.
In April we are planning ro put into operation meat processing plant in capacity of 10-15 tons per shift. Although the company received during the year, almost 100 million hryvnia profit "dokuchaevtsy" realize that this is not the limit. The main purpose - not only profitable sail of the grain, but its implementation in breeding area, which is now quite promising direction of agribusiness.
Before you choose a new direction for the company, we have been consulted and studied not only the domestic but also European and Russian markets of meat, - said Andrey Sokol.
Found out that the market for turkey meat in Ukraine is just miserable. For comparison: in the U.S. per capita accounts for 8 pounds of turkey, Israel - 12, Poland - 4, in Ukraine - just 250 grams which is very small volume. In order to change the situation in our country a program of "Turkey Ukraine" have been adopted which provides to increase the production of meat of poultry to 200,000 tons per year for 2015. Now production volume in our country is only 15,000 tons of turkey meat. The rest - it's imported meat.
On the Israeli company "dokuchaevtsy" noticed by chance - "M. A. D. Corporation » more than 40 years has been establishing turkey integrations.
According to "M. A. D. Corporation" president, Mr. Payurski Abraham, his first turkey integration was established in Israel. In addition, the Israeli company has worked in various European countries - Poland, Hungary and Italy. The last 15 years the main activities are concentrated in the former Soviet Union. In particular, the greatest amount of work now, the Israelis have in Russia.
Eight years ago we sold in Russia our first flagship project - the construction of the poultry integration for «Eurodon" in Shakhty, Rostov region - says Abraham Payurski. - In the first stage production of this complex was 12,000 tons, the company currently produces nearly 40,000 tons of turkey per year. At present, our company has completed all design work to increase production capacity by another 60,000 tonnes. The total production will thus 100,000 tons of meat turkeys. We have two more complex by the company - in the Republic of Bashkortostan and Kazakhstan. Working in Russia and Kazakhstan, we looked with great hope in the direction of Ukraine, hoping to be able to work here. Finally our dreams together with the Ukrainian company will be able to realize. Ukraine is one of the largest exporters of grain, and the emergence of such projects will lead to the fact that Ukraine will export and turkey meat to foreign markets. The project, which will be implemented at Karlovskiy districts, will provide a gradual increase in production to 30,000 tons of turkey per year. The region has a unique and favorable conditions for the realization of this project - rich cereal base, a wonderful staff that we can prepare to work in the enterprise at this level.
A future project obtains support of the Poltava authorities. This assured at the audience, Deputy Chairman of the Poltava Regional State Administration Volodymyr Zamikula. He stressed that the government will make every effort to make this project a success and has continued in the region. Recalled that last year in the area have already been implemented 19 investment projects in the livestock industry worth almost 1 billion hryvnia.
- We have seen how during one year was introduced to the construction project in capacity of 50,000 pig heads for Russian company "Belgrankorm" - said the vice-governor. Monthly operational meetings were held, we have supported investors when problems arose during construction. And this project is no exception, because we are interested in the Poltava received as much investment. We are interested in the production of gross domestic product, and creating new jobs. All these proceeds to local and state budgets, as well as improve the lives of Ukrainians.
Putting into operation the first stage of a modern complex at Karlovskiy district will create immediately 600 new jobs. The same number - when implementing the next stage. However, the project is not only the Corporate Business and social, but also environmentally friendly. As per "M. A. D.Corporation" chief expert, Mr. Boris Belenky, during the development of the project were obtained the most sustained demands for environmental protection and biosecurity standards.
It is not just about the norms of national legislation, but also European and American - that the quality of meat that will make the company "Dokuchaevskiy Chernozemi" in the future, consistent with all the stringent requirements and with this product that could enter the foreign market.
According to Boris Belenky, it will be a vicious cycle of production: the complex will include the construction of its own incubator, raring and growing areas, feed mill with the granary, a slaughterhouse and meat processing plant and rendering plant. There are also refrigerated terminals, laboratory facilities and a private veterinary service.
- In compliance with turkey growing technology daily turkey poults after sorting will be received in the rearing area.
- Females and males are separated by chain-link fence. At the age of 42 days, males transferred to an area for growing. Time of fattening turkey females is 100 days, turkey males- 140 days. During this time the turkey females weight gain up to 9 kg, turkey males - up to 19. The birds will be nursed exclusively by own feed, according to the rules and recipes. By the way, during the fattening turkeys will be used seven different diets, depending on age.
In the first stage "dokuchaevtsy" plan to buy hatching eggs abroad. Over time, create their own breeding stock, aimed at producing their own eggs for incubation. The project plans to implement a year and a half. If in the August 1, 2013 will be laid first hatching eggs, then in December habitants of Poltava will try fresh chilled turkey meat produced by "Dokuchaevskiy Chernozemi". Partners say that 90% of the meat will arrive on store shelves in the chilled and only 10% - frozen. As for today imported turkey meat arrives to Ukraine only in frozen form.

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