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Israelis help Kazakhs to feed the Russians

The capacity of Poultry Integration for turkey meat growing and processing established in Kazakhstan in compliance with Israeli projects and equipped with Israeli equipment is currently expanded. One-third of its production, which is considered as delicacy in Kazakhstan, designated to Russia.
In Kazakhstan has started large-scale expansion of "Ordabasy Kus" Poultry Integration for turkey meat growing and processing, established two years ago in compliance with the Israeli project. By the end of 2013 Integration capacity will be doubled, reaching about 10 thousand tons of turkey meat, which is considered as a delicacy in Kazakhstan. According to “Kazakhstan Today”, Israeli company MAD Developing Agricultural Projects, which supplied equipment at the first stage of the project establishment, is the major supplier and coordinator of the technological process in this project.
Expansion of the Poultry Integration will cost about 6.7 million Euros, while the first stage of the project cost amounts to 18 million Euros. Poultry Integration provides a closed production cycle, including poultry growing, feed production, deep processing of meat. One-third of "Ordabasy Kus" products are successfully sold in the Russian markets - from Moscow and St. Petersburg, to Tambov and Chelyabinsk.
At 2014 another Poultry Integration expansion is planned, since the demand for turkey meat produced in compliance with Israeli technology is increasing in Kazakhstan, and Russia, and Uzbekistan.


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