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Russian First Vice Prime Minister Viktor Zubkov sees promising cooperation with Israel in the agribusiness field

In accordance with ITAR-TASS first vice premier of Russia Mr. Victor Zubkov considers cooperation with Israel in the field of agribusiness as the most perspective.
"I would like to mention cooperation in the field of agribusiness as the most perspective and promising quick practical return"- noticed V. Zubkov at the meeting with co-chairs of the mixed Russian-Israeli comission on trade and economic cooperation in Moscow on Thursday.

He has reminded that Russian-Israeli agrarian business forum and meeting of co-chairs of constantly operating extended working group deals with agriculture have recently take place in Israel in the frame of agreement in this field.
According to Mr. Zubkov - "We already see first results and obtain clear agreement for establishing mutually beneficial partnership between representatives of Israeli and Russian agricultural business".

V. Zubkove has announced that managers of the largest agricultural regions such as Ryazan and Rostov participate in the Russia-Israeli negotiations. He says that "in the near future we have the right to expect for large-scale projects" emphasizing that Governor of Ryazan Area, Mr. Oleg Kovalev and General Manager of LLC Eurodon Company, Mr. VADIM Vaneev takes part in the work of intergovernmental commission. LLC Eurodon Company establishes large-scale Israeli-Russian projects for turkey meat production.
Mr. Zubkov has noticed that Russian party wishes that "large-scale Israeli business will pay special attention to Russian market".





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