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Investment project for Poultry Integration establishment will be realized in Republic of Dagestan

Previous day Prime Minister Mukhtar Mejidov accompanied by chief of relevant ministries, visited Magaramkentski district and signed agreement between the government of Dagestan and the investor company LLC APK "Eco-Products".
This project will not only meet the current demand for broiler meat, which will produce in the volume up to 3 million tons per year, but will also create more jobs for the citizens of the republic, will provide tax revenues.
Mukhtar Mejidov noted that Poultry Integration will be built in the Magaramkentski district with the Israeli company M.A.D. LTD Israel, which obtains extensive experience and knowledge in the field of agriculture. State support will be provided by the republic.
By resolution of the Government of Republic of Dagestan priority status is given to the project.



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