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Turkey in market-scale

In Bashkortostan, completed a large-scale investment project for the production of turkey meat
Farmers of Bashkortostan are selibrating fully putting into operation one of the largest poultry integrations in the Russia, Bashkir poultry complex producing turkey meat products named after Mazhit Gafuri.
The integration CEO Irek Safin tells us about this project which has significantly influenced the development of the agriculture in the region.
Irek Baryevich, have been completed a construction of the largest Poultry Integartion of federal importance, in capacity of 30,000 tonnes of turkey meat per year. Tell us how it have began?
Irek Safin: a faith in the project and massive support from the Government of the Republic, the Ministry of Agriculture and the investor of the project "Agricultural Bank" given the strength for our friendly team to realize our plans in shorterst terms.
It all began with the visit in Israel of the delegation of Bashkortostan , led by the president of M.G. Rakhimov, which , by the way , whereas Israel is of the world leaders in the consumption of turkey meat per capita. Israeli experience in turkey growing and meat processing made a strong impression on the leadership of the republic and investors. As a basic platform for the implementation of the ideas into practice was selected former collective farm named after Mazhit Gafuri located in Meleuzovskiy dustrict of the Republic of Bashkortostan. The first phase of the project has been put into operation in 2009 , at the peak of the global economic crisis.
Today it is a huge Integration for growing, producing and processing a turkey meat, including poultry rearing and growing areas, hatchery, slaughterhouse and meat processing plant, feed mill, large warehouses, cold storage, convenient rack. And we are not going to stop here. We are planning a further development of the business - fourth stage of the construction. The new object will be established in Kugarchinskit district were M.G. Rakhimov was born. Total investment in the project will amount to 18 billion rubles, and the total production capacity at the end of its construction will reach 80,000 tonnes of turkey meat in live weight . Tentative dates for the implementation of the project - the 4th quarter of 2016.
This project is of considerable social importance, is not it?
Irek Safin: Of course. As for the industry as a for the country. This also applies to the creation of new jobs and tax revenues to the budget and a number of positive infrastructure changes of the area. In addition, it is about conducting environmental activities, including the construction of the temporary litter storage, the young professionals support and, finally, a healthy eating culture development.
What preferences the status of priority investment projects of the republic of Bashkortostan gives to manufacturer?
Irek Safin: Including Integration in the list of priority investment projects in the Republic of Bashkortostan enable us claim for government support in the forms prescribed by law. In our case, the introduction of the zero rate of property tax for five tax periods (5 years) within a certain limit, subsidizing part of the paying interest cost on credit agreements for the Integration objects and engineer infrastructures construction.
Russia's accession to the WTO has added difficulties to Russian producers, especially with the goods import. How do you assess the competitiveness of your project?
Irek Safin: For us, the problem of competition in the European market is not relevant . After all, the cooled product was not easy to store and transport on the territory of Russia . What can we say about the import ... The optimal output - modern packaging , which allows to extend the terms of the chilled meat realization to 12 days . In addition , there is the global increase in consumption of turkey meat in the European Union . There is no turkey overproduction crisis as opposed to pork and chicken and, consequently , there is no serious risk of the imported products.
We are moving forward taking into consideration the world experience and experience of Russian producers of turkey meat, but in order to become one of the market leaders we have to walk our own path. Product range expanding is an important part of our strategy. In this connection, we are beginning to construct the plant for the semi-finished products production: the same benefits, taste and nutritional properties, but in a ready-made dishes that are going to be popular. It is important to offer the customer a product that he expected which is tasty, healthy, easy to prepare. We are happy to contribute to the market development and diversification of Russian’s nutrition.



















Source: Russian newspaper


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