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JSC Poultry Farm " Vostochnay " is planned to be inovated

Yuri Berg talks about the industrial future of the east district of the region.
Today Governor Yuri Berg worked in the east district of the region.
At the eight in the morning he was at the JSC Poultry Farm " Vostochnay ".
3 years ago Company shareholders have decided to redirect production from commercial eggs to turkey meat production .
Project for three million rubles will be implemented in stages . First stage of poultry farm reconstruction and modernization has been completed.
The project includes construction of three additional production sites with 12 growing poultry houses each site, 15,000 tones of turkey meat per year Guberlya .
It will insure hundreds new vacancies, as for today at the poultry farm there are 126 available vacancies .
The project loan amounts to $ 500 million, has been provided by Russian Agricultural bank with support of the Governor.
Moreover, bank provided the company with two years " vacation " for rehabilitation.
Today turkeys hatched in poultry farm are just 2 weeks old.
Governor has been invited to see the " firstborn " of production .
For this purpose he put on a special suit . Journalists were not allowed to enter the premises, so as not to disrupt the climate.














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