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Number of investment priority projects for region's economy have increased

Another meeting of the Investment Council area chaired by the Governor Y.Berg.
With opening the meeting, the governor of the region noted that considering the previous investment advice, there were included in the list of priority investment projects over 29 220 billion rubles.
- When the project was assigned to priority list - said Y.Berg - a requirement key is its study stage, focus on import substitution and the development of infrastructure. Regional Commission reviewed the application of two companies for inclusion of investment projects in priority list of the region.
JSC Poultry "Vostochnaya" that under Novotroizk city, performed with a project "Establishment of vertically integrated poultry complex of industrial production and processing 20,061 tons of turkey meat in live weight per year at the poultry farm "Vostochnaya" of the Orenburg region. The project envisages a reconstruction and modernization of existing poultry farm "Vostochnaya" and the expansion of capacity within the region.
The project implements in two phases.
Step 1: reconstruction and modernization of the poultry farm "Vostochnaya" with the production of 5,421 tons of turkey meat in live weight per year.
Stage 2: construction of 3 isolated areas by 12 facilities for growing 14,640 tons of turkey meat in live weight, feed mill, slaughtering and processing of meat products. Construction is planned to be built at village Guberlya on lands for a long-term lease.
Total project cost – 3 312 million rubles.
Due to November 1, 2014 there were disbursed 739 million rubles. The first stage of facilities already in operation. The second stage will be provided in 2016. Payback period - 65 months. The required funding on the second phase – 3 312 million rubles. Own funds - 664.6 million rubles, borrowed funds - 2 647.4 million rubles.
Considering a large amount of done work in the project’s framework and its great value for monotown Novotroizk, area’s investment advice included it in a priority list, which provides state support measures.
On archive photo: Y.Berg governor during a visit to the poultry farm "Vostochnaya".



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