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M.A.D. technology does not simply refer to practices such as ‘how to grow the chicken in the barn', but to how to design and construct a sustainable and profitable venture, which will remain in operation for many years.

The development of successful poultry integration enterprise requires systematic approach, assuring that all systems and components of the farms and industrial plants are designed, built, installed, tested, operated, and maintained according to the operational requirements and standards.

M.A.D.’s scope of technological input addresses various interrelated elements; some key fundamentals include a correct design of the poultry integration that should take into account the bio security requirements and production plan needed to produce constant products to market, as well as the suitable bird strains to fit the local conditions and market needs.


The Fundamentals of Poultry Integration Enterprise

Key element in the integration model is to develop an Economies of Scale
M.A.D. design and build poultry enterprise that is vertically integrated, meaning that it owns or controls most or all the components of production and operation; from feed ingredient crop production, through incubation eggs production all the way to packaging final product and distribution to market counter.
The meat production integration consists of several independent business units such as poultry farms, feed mill, hatchery, and abattoir. The different units are integrated through a unified management and control system, single production and technological plan, centralized raw material purchase and products distribution channels.
Key Successes Factors include

  • Vertical integration operation
  • Bio-security compliance
  • Create value drivers as product freshness and superior quality.
  • Sustain cost driver including economies of scale and low input cost
  • Increasing profit margin by using advanced technologies and updated facilities.
  • Sales and Operation: Long term alliances


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